Although we would like to keep this web conference series professional, we also want it to be relaxed, engaging, and open to anyone who wants to learn more. So please feel free to add memes, puns, and other humorous or exciting content to your presentations/posters.

Oral Presentations

Presentations should include:

  • Strong focus on methods and results of your work.
  • type of data collected (how was it organized? What did the rows and columns represent?)
  • the main R packages used
  • the analyses/statistical tests used
  • any errors, issues or troubleshooting dilemmas you ran into during your analysis process that could help others in your field of research.
  • gaps in R functionality that you identified during your project (i.e. you had to use other external software because R didn’t have packages or functions that did what you needed to do).

Presentations which do not follow these guidelines will still be considered, as long as they incorporate R in some sense (e.g. talks on teaching R in ecology classes)

Poster presentation

Posters should follow similar guidelines as presentations:

  • brief introduction
  • note all major R packages used
  • discuss pros/cons/limitations and/or interesting findings of the analyses you used.
  • use nice figures or an all encompassing infographic! 
  • Let the results speak for themselves through your data visualizations; the less words the better. 
  • Please try to keep gradient scales color-blind friendly so everyone can see your beautiful data art for what it is!